Wednesday, March 3, 2010


She's a flautist!

Here she is in a quirky fishy outfit Grandma bought for her!

This is her impression of her dad.

Phoebe went on her first walk today! She lasted fifteen minutes (asleep--I guess the bumps in the sidewalk are very soothing!) until she started crying (which an ounce of milk fixed--dear reader, if you have or have had a baby, does he/she seem totally wasted after you feed him/her? Because Phoebe totally does!) and then she was fine until we got home fifteen minutes later. Afterward, we went to the backyard and on the swing for a few minutes. Also, she got her social security card today, which means she's a real person now! I'd include a picture of that, too, but... yeeeeah....

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  1. yes, they appear completly intoxicated afterwars LOL. I hope all is well with motherhood and that you are doing good!